How to protect the windshield when leaving the car for an extended period

Protecting the windshield when leaving the car for an extended period

Leaving one’s vehicle for an extended period should prompt any car owner to think of ways to ensure the safety of the vehicle. One of the most common damages incurred by cars left in paid extended parking slots is a damaged windshield. And while insurance can cover the repairs, it is never a welcome sight to a returning car owner. Imagine coming home from a happy vacation or a long-drawn business trip only to see a damaged windshield? Any person will find it annoying and inconvenient to have it repaired.

This article will discuss the various ways to protect the windshield when leaving one’s car for a longer period. Below are some useful tips. E&C Auto Glass Website

Make sure that the car is clean

Before leaving the car for a couple of weeks, or months, make sure first that the car is clean. Leaving the car dirty and dusty would only make the debris cling to the Autoglass and the vehicle’s body. Get a car wash or clean the car using the good old garden hose and clean cloth. Make sure that the windshield and every window are clean and clear too. Warren E&C

Cover up the windshield

A windshield cover will help protect the windshield from various elements that could seriously inflict permanent damage. This is especially true for cars that will have to be parked outside a covered carport or an uncovered parking area. About the business

For vehicle owners who are still on the fence about buying a windshield cover, here are some of the advantages of owning and using one:

a. It protects the Autoglass from scratches due to people, pets, falling twigs, and the like.

b. It protects the windshield from possible damage due to inclement weather.

c. It protects the windshield from temperature fluctuations that could affect the strength of the auto glass.

d. It keeps snow from piling up into the Autoglass

e. It saves the owner from having to scrape the ice that may have piled up.

Another essential thing to consider is where the car will be parked. If the owner does not have a garage then he must make sure to leave his car in a parking area meant for long-term or extended use. This way he can be sure that at least someone could lookout for the car from time to time.

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