Lafayette Park Experiencing High Auto Glass Replacements Due to Car Break-ins

Car break-ins are one of the leading causes of broken auto glass. Usually, the car window or windshield are seen by thieves as the easiest way to get into a vehicle. In Lafayette Park, there is a growing number of cases on car break-ins that call for auto glass replacement. And as more and more car owners seek a replacement, it is crucial to know how to deal with this situation.

Car break-ins are usually done through car windows or windshields.

So what should a car owner do upon learning that his car has been broken in? How should he go about the broken auto glass? What should be the first thing that he should do?

Dealing with a broken windshield following a theft

One of the worse ways to wake up is to see one’s car with a broken windshield and realize that it was broken into. This has been happening a lot in Lafayette Park recently, and residents have been seeking for window and windscreen replacements.

Below are some suggestions on how to deal with a broken auto glass due to theft.

1. Examine the whole damage that the care incurred. Go around it but do not touch any part of it to avoid injuries, and prevent the contamination of the crime scene.

2. Take pictures of the damage. Get every angle of it to be sure that the police, as well as the insurance personnel, can get a good look at the damage. Jot down notes as well on the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the damage and break-in. Try to describe the damage in writing too so that it will be easier to file a police report and an insurance claim.

3. Find out the procedure about filing a police report in the area. Some local authorities may prefer a personal filing. Some, on the other hand, maybe fine with submitting through their official website. Both ways, though, would yield an acknowledgment that can be used for insurance claims. The authorities will get in touch about the report as well, either for more information or release of the actual report.

4. File an insurance claim. Get the ball rolling in terms of having the auto glass repaired so that the vehicle can be used again. The insurance will then provide a list of their accredited windshield repair contractors who can help with the auto glass replacement. Check out the list carefully, and try to find out some information about these companies. If and when the car owner is not comfortable with any of the contractors on the list, then he can ask the insurance company if it is possible to hire someone off the list. He can ask how to go about this other process and get on with the replacement.  National Windshield Repair Division

Upon getting a new auto glass, it is crucial to know how to better care for it. Here are some tips on caring and maintaining a newly replaced windshield:

1. Give the windshield adhesive time to set. It is best to wait an hour or two before driving off from the windshield repair shop following the replacement. The wait time is meant to ensure that the adhesive has appropriately bonded the windshield. It also ensures that the whole installation area will be adequately sealed.

2. Resist the urge of immediately removing the retention tapes after the installation procedure. These tapes are meant to ensure a proper hold of the new windshield while the adhesive is drying up. While the adhesive strips may be unsightly, do not remove them for at least two days to ensure proper post-installation care.

3. Keep the car clean, especially the areas surrounding the newly replaced windshield. Space should be clutter-free for at least two days following the replacement. Nothing should be placed against the windshield both outside the car and inside the vehicle. For instance, there should be no windshield shade or whatever décor or accessory set in the dashboard. Same goes outside the car. Avoid covering the automobile with any protective cover following the replacement.

4. It is also best to keep the car windows slightly cracked open during the first 24 hours following the replacement. The fully sealed air inside the vehicle can create air pressure within the car that could, in turn, damage the newly replaced windshield. Make sure to keep a small gap during driving, and even when parked at least for the time being.

5. Hand wash the vehicle for the first couple of days. Power washers, automated washers, and pressurized car washes can damage the newly installed windshield. The pressure from hoses or machines can affect the drying process of the adhesive, and cause problems later on. Resist the urge of a car wash for at least two days. 

6. Be more cautious in driving. Avoid rough roads, and avoid going through potholes for the first few days. These movements can be harsh to any newly installed windshield as it rocks its support structure.

These post-installation care tips should be followed up by routine maintenance and care of the windshield. To ensure that the windshield will remain in good condition, below are some suggestions:

1. Avoid parking in unlighted and unguarded areas. If possible park only in the garage, or in a public car park with CCTV security protection. This way, the risk of break-ins are minimized.

2. Avoid parking directly under a tree, especially during windy or rainy days. Yes, there may be shade, but the risk of having a fruit or a branch falling on the windscreen can be imminent.

3. If possible, avoid driving under extreme weather conditions. Torrential downpour, snow, hail, and strong winds can damage a newly installed auto glass.

4. Keep the windshield clean on both sides. Keep windshield wipers well maintained to avoid scratching the windshield.

Car owners should make a conscious effort to care for their windshields. In the case of break-ins, it is crucial to assess immediately, document, and report the matter to the authorities. Filing a claim with the insurance provider as soon as possible is always a good idea as it ensures that the car can be used again. In case of an out-of-pocket replacement, never skimp on the windshield replacement and the certified professional technician who will carry out the installation.

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