Why vehicle owners should never ignore a windshield chip

vehicle owners should never ignore a windshield chip

A windshield chip may seem like harmless damage to a vehicle, but let not this lure any vehicle owner from thinking that it is safe to postpone a repair. The opposite is true. A windshield chip can very well progress into irreparable auto glass damage that is unsafe, inconvenient, and expensive to repair or replace.

As soon as a vehicle owner discovers a chip in his windshield, he should refrain from having automatic car washes and refrain from banging doors, and going through potholes. The owner should also immediately make an appointment for windshield repair. E&C Windshield Repair Website If pressed for time, the car owner can also schedule a mobile windshield repair service, where the technician can repair the windshield chip during the owner’s convenient time and his preferred location.  

Why repair a windshield chip right away?

Vehicle owners should consider a chip in the windshield as an important prompt to see a windshield technician right away to have it repaired. E&C Windshield Repair Warren The longer the owner takes to have it repaired, the higher the chances the problem will worsen.

The problem will escalate further because dirt tends to accumulate inside the chip. Dust and debris can get in, and soon it will cause a bigger indentation. If it rains or the weather becomes erratic, the windshield wipers could push more dirt and water into the chip, making repairs even more expensive and complicated.

Temperature can worsen the damage

Intense heat or a drop in the temperature can worsen the damage since heat can expand the auto glass, while cold including that which is coming from the vehicle’s air conditioning system can cause the glass to contract. These changes could affect the size, position, and depth of the chip, and the changes are of course for the worse.  The same thing can be said about vibrations such as quick turns and acceleration, or sudden banging of doors and car trunks. About the business

Ignoring a windshield chip is a safety risk

If the chip is obscuring the driver’s vision, then it is a safety risk. It is best to have the issue repaired before it causes accidents and other unfortunate incidents. Moreover, it is an eye sore that could hint at the carelessness of the owner or a car’s lack of maintenance.

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