Three most common causes of windshield damage

Knowing the common causes of windshield damage could help vehicle owners avoid unfortunate incidents

Windshield damage can happen on any vehicle. A car owner may or may not be in his vehicle when the accident occurs, but for sure, he will discover the damage as soon as he gets into the car. Some damage is noticeable, while some are not. E&C Auto Glass Website Regardless of the extent of the problem, windshield damage should be immediately addressed to prevent the worsening of the issue and limit the cost of repairs.

Below are some of the five most common causes of windshield damage, how owners should deal with the matter, and what can they do to prevent a recurrence of the problem moving forward.

Car accidents

Sometimes, even the slightest accident could cause damage to the windscreen. Sometimes even fender benders could cause cracking, especially when there are already small unrepaired windshield chips, to begin with. Collisions especially frontal could also easily crack or even break the windshield. Warren E&C

Regardless of the extent of the damage, vehicle owners should immediately seek windshield repair to prevent further problems down the line. Even slight damage could instantaneously progress into a huge crack with pressure or sudden motion such as going through a pothole.

Debris on the road

Road debris is infamous for causing damage to the windshield. Unpaved roads filled with gravel can cause cracks and windshield chips. About our Company The damage can occur on any part of the windshield, and when it happens along the edges, corners, or within the driver’s line of sight, it certainly means it must be repaired at the soonest possible time.

The best way to avoid incurring damage when going through a rough road is to drive carefully. Drive slowly if possible, and never get too close to other vehicles, especially those in front. Trucks and vehicles can easily kick rocks into the windshield and cause it to crack, get chipped, or break altogether.

Theft and other crimes

Burglary is another common reason for incurring damage to the windshield, rear windscreen, or any of the car windows. Thieves can break into the car to get valuables inside by breaking the windshield. Other crimes such as harassment, or other violent crimes could also cause damage to the windshield. Usually, the perpetrators would use guns, bats, or whatever material to try to break the windshield.

The vehicle owner should file appropriate police reports so that the repairs or replacement could be covered by the insurance provider.

Other causes of windshield damage include extreme weather conditions, parking in high-risk areas such as a construction site, under a huge tree, or near a ballpark.   

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