How to safely remove stubborn dirt on autoglass

How to safely remove stubborn dirt on autoglass

Sometimes, stains are way too stubborn when it gets stuck on auto glass. Vehicle owners have no choice but to scrub on, only to find their windshields still dirty, or worse, with a bit of scratch. So, how should a vehicle owner deal with dirt that gets into his windshield? How should he safely remove it to prevent damage? E&C Windshield Repair Detroit

Autoglass experts say the best way to remove stubborn dirt is to prevent it from getting stuck in the windshield in the first place. Windshield technicians and motoring experts advice vehicle owners to regularly clean their cars, including their windshields to prevent stains from getting stuck in the paint or autoglass. If there are stains like mud, wet cement, insects, paint or the like, vehicle owners should remove it as soon as possible so that it will not set in into the glass, making it harder to remove. Warren E&C

Gentle cleaning and appropriate materials

Here are some of the dirt that commonly gets stuck in the windshield, and how homeowners can safely get it out. One thing auto glass experts say is that vehicle owners should refrain from using sharp and abrasive objects when trying to remove dirt or stain in the windshield. About the business

Moreover, vehicle owners should always keep a clean piece of cloth and appropriate glass cleaner when cleaning their autoglass. Instead of using abrasive materials like steel wool that could permanently damage windshield, vehicle owners are advised to just use clean cloth and water or glass cleaner to remove dirt. Having a roll of paper towel is also help in quickly removing auto glass stains.

Common stains that mar a windshield

  1. Mud
  2. Wet cement
  3. stickers and decals
  4. Dead insects
  5. Bird droppings
  6. Hard water stains
  7. Windshield wiper stains
  8. Dried up dirt
  9. Tree sap
  10. Any type of paint
  11. Bubble gum

Vehicle owners should immediately remove these stains as soon as they can. While these are highly stubborn, they are not too difficult to remove the first few hours these stains are incurred. They get more difficult to remove as days go by, hence it is always best to remove windshield stains before the day ends. Anyhow it will not take a minute or too to spray a glass cleaner and spot clean the dirty area with a cloth wipe or a paper towel.  

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