Different types of windshield damage

There are different types of windshield damage.

Windshield damage can come in many forms. It can also be sustained in a variety of circumstances. The car owner may witness the damage unfolding before his eyes. Yet there are scenarios when he comes up to his car only to realize that there is huge damage to his windscreen.

There are several types of windshield damage, and the extent and type are contributory factors that would determine if the damage is reparable. Auto glass experts remind vehicle owners though that regardless of the cause or the type of damage, they should act about the issue right away so that it will not get worse.

This article will discuss the most common types of windshield damage, and how to deal with it while waiting for professional repair.

Windshield damage 101

One of the most common types of windshield damage is a crack. There are various possible reasons why auto glass would sustain a crack, but usually, it is due to fluctuations in temperature. For instance, when piles of snow get into the windshield, or when it is subjected to intense heat, the glass could suffer a stress crack. This type of crack is usually long, and so most auto glass technicians would recommend replacing the windshield itself.

There are also times when the crack starts at the edge of the glass or floats in the middle. Either way, these types of cracks should be immediately remediated. When these cracks are not repaired right away, they could easily worsen and render the whole windshield irreparable.

Bull’s Eye Crack

Bull’s eye cracks are usually repairable. It creates an indentation but it is usually small, unlike other cracks. However, the vehicle owner should still have this damage repaired right away. Vibrations in the glass due to banging of car doors or going through deep potholes could make the crack grow bigger. About the business

Windshield surface pit

Surface pits are commonplace in older cars. This is usually due to wear and tear, and aging cars usually incur this type of auto glass damage. While unsightly, this type of damage does not usually require replacement. However, the vehicle owner should have it repaired right away. Warren E&C

Seek professional repair before matters get worse

Vehicle owners should take the time to immediately have their windshield repaired. Lack of time or tight schedules is no longer a reason to not fix a damaged windshield. Scheduling repairs can be easily done online. Moreover, mobile windshield repair or replacement services is already available in most areas. Instead of bringing the car to the repair shop, the certified auto glass technician will come over to the client’s desired location at his preferred time to conduct the repair or replacement.  

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