How to safely remove ice from the windshield

Remove ise safely from the windshield to avoid permanent autoglass damage

Harsh winter weather can be even harsher on windshields. Snow can instantaneously pile up in windscreens and prevent the driver from safely going to places without removing such piles. Apart from posing danger to the driver and the passenger, piles of snow can also potentially damage the windshield. When removed carelessly, it could cause scratches, chips, cracks, or worse outright breakage.

The good news is there are ways to safely remove  piles of snow from the windshield. Vehicle owners should keep at hand an arsenal of inexpensive, yet highly effective tools that could safely remove ice in the windshield without damaging it.

Steps to safely de-ice a windshield

Knowing how to safely de-ice a windshield is key to ensuring that the car remains safe without causing autoglass damage. According to autoglass experts, knowing the basic rules is a must when it comes to safely removing piles of snow.

The first basic rule is to not resort to shortcuts. Yes, everyone is in a rush to drive away, but cutting the de-icing process short by making use of hot water, vinegar, and other chemicals could do more harm than good. Incurring damage through these shortcuts is a guaranteed way to stall a trip. E&C Windshield Repair Detroit

The second rule is to use only the appropriate tools to de-ice a windshield. This means that knives, ice picks, and other sharp objects are off the list. These sharp implements can cause permanent damage to the windshield that could be inconvenient and expensive to repair.

The third rule is to keep the windscreen clean at all times. Regardless of the season of the year, a clean windscreen is less prone to incurring any type of damage. Imagine snow piling up on a dirty windscreen? The debris could scratch the windshield as the driver de-ices it. Warren E&C

Patience is key in winter windshield care

Windshield and motoring experts agree that patience is key when it comes to safely removing piles of snow in the windshield. The first thing they have to do is to start the engine of the vehicle and turn on the heat of the car as this will help in thawing the piles of ice. Once the snow starts to thaw, the homeowner should then use a correct type of scraper of squeegee, and then start removing the piles of snow. About the business

While this process is time consuming, this is by far, the safest way to remove ice from the windshield.

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