Must-have windshield cleaning tools

Windshield cleaning tools help keep windscreens clean and safe from damage

Regularly cleaning the windshield is key to keeping it well-maintained. Most slight damages like scratches, and even serious damage like crack, chips, and deep scratches could even be a result of foregoing routine cleaning of the windshield.

Apart from setting aside time to clean the windshield, it is crucial to have appropriate cleaning tools to use. Utilizing the wrong cleaning materials can ultimately end up in damaged auto glass. Apart from being an eyesore, the damage can also possibly obstruct the driver’s vision, and would require professional windshield repair. Of course, when it comes to repairs or replacement of auto glass, time and money are both factors. Repairs take time no matter how short, alters a driver’s schedule for the day, and of course cost money. E&C Windshield Repair Website

Importance of using the right cleaning tools

The right cleaning tools do not only ensure that a windshield is fully cleaned. It also ensures that the auto glass will not get damaged in the process of cleaning. There are way too many horror stories of windshields getting deeply scratched with the use of the wrong cleaning equipment. E&C Windshield Repair Warren

Most frequent offender in this category is the steel wool. While it can easily clean up stubborn dirt that may have clung unto the windshield, it can instantaneously cause damage. Imagine rubbing fine metal into glass? The results can be disastrous.

The same goes with scrapers, whatever the kind. There are soft rubber cleaning scrapers that could be safely used when cleaning auto glass, and then there are re-purposed ones like old debit cards, among other household equipment. These types of cleaning implements can cause severe damage as well. About our Company

Right tools, wrong usage

Using the right cleaning tools however do not completely guarantee a glistening smooth auto glass. It is possible to still damage the windshield if the vehicle owner fails to use the correct cleaning techniques or takes a short cut in ensuring cleanliness.

For instance, using a dirty microfiber towel to clean the windshield could mean that the dirt and dust that built up in the cloth could scratch the windshield. The same goes with using boiling water to remove hard to remove debris and glass stains. Sudden changes in the temperature in the surface of the glass   

Below are some of the correct tools that could be safely used for cleaning the windshield:

  1. Clean microfiber towel
  2. Glass cleaner
  3. Squeegee wand
  4. Rubber scraper especially designed for windscreens

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