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Auto glass repair is something that a car owner should not postpone. In North End Detroit where winds could be intense at times, and the weather erratic, a windshield that is in excellent condition will always be a must.

Avoid parking in unsecured areas to help avoid theft and vandalism.

Unbeknownst to many, the windshield is more than just protection from weather elements, strong winds, and debris. It is an integral safety component of a car that prevents it from getting smashed during collisions. The windshield helps hold the roofing of a vehicle from collapsing unto its passengers during car crashes. Unfortunately, cracks and chips affect the structural integrity of the windshield. When this happens, the windscreen’s ability to keep all the passengers safe is affected too.

Why auto glass repair should be done immediately

There are several risks involved in postponing a windshield crack or chip repair. Foremost of the dangers is safety, followed by more significant expenses. Below are the specific drawbacks of leaving a damaged windshield unaddressed. 

1. Windshield chips and cracks affect the structural integrity of the whole auto glass. It can cause breakage or collapse during a car crash. Such endangers the driver and the passengers and causes more damage to the vehicle.

2. Forgoing repairs for chips or cracks could make the damage worse. The chip can graduate into a crack. A tiny crack can grow big. What could have been repairable damage, can suddenly warrant a replacement. This is not just an added expense; it could be an inconvenience too.

3. Postponing a windshield repair can also affect the amount of insurance coverage. Once a policy provider finds out that the incident occurred long before the crack was reported, they may not shoulder the full repair or replacement process. The insurance provider can even decline covering the whole amount for the replacement. The provider may assume that the expense could have been mitigated if only the damage were reported right away.

Dealing with a windshield chip or crack

Finding out that one’s windshield has been chipped can be a bummer. It is not good to look at, and it makes a car look less polished. Same goes with scratches. Cracks, on the other hand, can be both unsightly and risky, safety-wise.

Here are some of the possible reasons for a windshield crack or chip:

1. Following a truck that is transporting gravel or debris. These trucks can suddenly kick stones towards the windscreen of the car behind them. Take extra careful measures when driving behind these behemoth transporters, because windshield damage can be imminent.

2. Driving too close to other vehicles on a rough road. If possible, drivers should avoid unpaved or gravel roads because the stones can just suddenly hit their auto glass. The stone can either be from his car, the car in front of him, or the incoming vehicle. Driving rapidly in a dirt road is also windshield damage waiting to happen.

3. Parking under a tree. Regardless of the weather, branches and fruits can drop on the ground at any time. The wind or a sudden downpour can prompt the fall, and cause a possible crack on the windscreen.

4. Incorrectly defrosting a frozen or iced window. Losing patience over scraping ice in the windscreen can lead to an even bigger convenience – a damaged windshield. Defrost the windshield correctly, and avoid splashing boiling water into an iced windshield.

5. Extreme weather conditions. Typhoons, thunderstorms, strong winds, and torrential downpours can cause debris to get to the windshield. Snow and hail storm, on the other hand, are common causes of cracked windshields during lousy weather. If there is no need to travel, forego driving.

6. Attempted theft or burglary. An unsuccessful break-in that would have been done through the windscreen or any of the car windows can cause auto glass damage. This should be immediately addressed not only for safety reasons but to also prevent theft.

7. Failure in the installation process. A poorly installed windshield can crack anytime. Poor installation can cause accidents and be a severe safety risk, especially when driving fast on freeways. The car vibrations that can be radiated to the windshield frame may cause breakage or displacement. Trust only a certified auto glass technician when it comes to repairing or replacing auto glass.

8. Poor quality of windshield. A replacement windshield could have four possible sources. OEM windshields which are an exact copy of the windshield that has been broken tailored fit for the brand and model. A dealer windshield which is tailor-made for the specific car brand. An aftermarket windshield which is manufactured by a third-party production company and is just tailored to fit specific vehicle orders. The fourth kind is the second hand, or pre-owned windshields harvested in junkyards. If the replacement windshield installed in the vehicle is of poor quality, it could crack under pressure. Aftermarket windshields are not produced by the safety regulations being followed by car manufacturers and dealerships. But unlike OEM and dealer replacement windshields, aftermarket windscreens are much affordable.

9. Too much heat. Whether it is heated from the sunlight, or heat produced elsewhere, heat can damage the windshield. It is best to park under the shade (but not under a tree), and not to expose the car under extreme heat for an extended period. Besides, if a windshield has been cracked and is subjected to heat, the crack will grow. Such is the case because glass expands under intense heat. 

Upon finding out that one’s car has a chip or crack in the windscreen, it is best to deal with the situation immediately. Inspect the damage. Look at the chip or the crack closely, but do not try to touch it. Touching a crack or chip can be dangerous and could even lead to more significant damage. Try to remember the whole circumstance surrounding the incident. Jot these notes down to facilitate a more accessible filing of an insurance claim.

File an insurance claim right away to get the repairs done immediately. Find an expert, reliable windshield technician who can provide the best service possible.

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