Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Ford Among the most common Windshield Replacements in Detroit

Japanese automobile brands Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and American Car brand Ford lead the list of most common windshield replacements in the Detroit Area. These four car brands are also some of the most common cars that ply various roads in Detroit.

Broken windshield calls for immediate replacement.

Immediate windshield replacement is essential, especially in cars that may have sustained substantial damage in their windshields. Rushing the replacement is easy, especially for insured vehicles. The insurance company will finance the replacement. All the owner has to do is carve a niche in his schedule to have his windshields replaced. But what if the replacement shall be paid out of pocket? Here are some tips to save on a replacement.

Windshield Replacement Tips

The first rule in dealing with auto glass damage is to have it evaluated by a trustworthy windshield repair technician. The technician shall assess the extent of damage, and recommend a course of action. So the first thing to do to save up on a windshield replacement is to have the damaged glass replaced only when needed.

A vehicle owner must be wary of fly by night technicians who would recommend a replacement when it is not needed. Get in touch with a certified windshield replacement contractor that has the appropriate business permits and license to operate. Get quotes from at least three contractors before finally deciding on whose service to avail. The cheapest one may not be the most ideal though as meager prices may sacrifice the quality of the glass and the quality of work.

Another way to get a reasonable price on a windshield replacement service is by canvassing the market thoroughly. Ask for referrals, and keep an eye on legitimate promotions. Do not fall for scam-ish, too low prices that may be a waste of time and money though. Check for discounted rates, as well as other offers.

Also, do not just get contented on the free quotation. A car owner can always try to negotiate a reasonable price. Do not hesitate to ask for a discounted rate.

If the vehicle owner is willing to use aftermarket auto glass, then this could also be a practical way to have a broken windshield replaced. Aftermarket auto glass drastically cuts the cost of windshield replacement as it makes use of pre-owned windshields.

Comparison shopping is yet another way to get an excellent deal for a windshield replacement. Ask several windshield replacement service companies for their quotation and compare accordingly.

What Type of Windshield Replacement to Choose?

As for the type of windshield replacement to choose, there are three basic options available. The most common is the original equipment manufacturer windshields or the OEM. This is the windshield that came with the car and is produced for that specific brand and model. One of the advantages of choosing an OEM windshield is that it meets government and safety standards because it is created just like the one that came with the car.

The drawback to an OEM windshield though is it is costly. It is much like getting an all original part of a car to replace a damaged one.

Dealer windshield replacements, on the other hand, have the car brand emblazoned on the auto glass. This gives a semblance that this replacement part is specifically intended for the same car brand use only. Like OEM glass it is quite expensive too. This is because it is OEM manufactured by the same companies, but it just has specific brand markings. Safety-wise, this is a safe choice for an auto glass replacement.    

The other type of windshields in the market that can be used for replacement is called aftermarket windshields. This is produced by companies that are neither commissioned by dealerships, nor car manufacturers. These in effect are third-party manufacturers.

While they are the most affordable type of windshield replacement, its production is not regulated by the same safety standards that OEM and dealer auto glass have. The aftermarket auto glass manufacturer will have to get the specifications of the auto glass part that is needed and find an available stock in their inventory. Vehicle safety experts say while this appears to be practical, it can be a safety concern. The safety issue is the manufacturers are not answerable to safety regulations and standards governing its manufacturing and selling process.

Still, it is a better alternative than the driver trying to repair a badly damaged windshield by himself. The various do it yourself kits available in the market, plus online tutorials convince some vehicle owners that they can fix a broken windshield by themselves. Even worse is a driver driving around his vehicle with a plastic to hold his windshield around temporarily.

Some even go to the lengths of going to the junkyards to buy undamaged windshields from junk cars and installing it by themselves. And while this may not be a bad idea to save money, it can be a safety hazard since the Autoglass is not installed by a certified professional.

The last type of windshield glass that vehicle owners can choose from is from a second-hand market. This could be tricky because one has to find the exact size and specifications of their damaged auto glass from a sea of used windshields. These mused windshields usually come from junkyards at ridiculously low prices. The catch of using such is that not all repair shops may agree to the idea of installing second-hand auto glass. And as mentioned above, it could be hard to find an exact match of a car. One may even need to scour several junkyards for this purpose.

An additional amount of money spent on high-quality windshield replacement service can go a long way during a collision.

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