Ways to avoid windshield damage

Windshield Repair or replacement may be covered in one’s insurance, but having it repaired or replaced is an inconvenience-no vehicle owner would choose to face. For this reason, every car owner must be aware of how to avoid windshield damage.

This article will discuss the best ways to keep a windshield intact and damage-free. The tips are easy to understand and easy to follow. E&C Windshield Repair Detroit

Choosing the correct cleaning materials also help avoid windshield damage

Be conscious of the parking spot

Watching where one park his vehicle is important when it comes to avoiding windshield damage. A huge percentage of windshield accidents happen when a vehicle is parked. Either a branch falls over the windscreen, a ball comes crashing onto the Autoglass, or cats suddenly go on top of the vehicle and accidentally scratch the windshield in the process.
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Avoid closely following other vehicles

Bull’s eye cracks and windshield chips are the product of small pebbles getting kicked by the wheel of the vehicle in front of the damaged car. To avoid this type of windshield damage, the car owner should avoid tailgating other vehicles, especially in rough roads, or areas where small pebbles could get kicked into the car.

Windshield wiper blade maintenance is necessary

Damaged windshield wiper blades could easily scratch and damage auto glass. Car owners should inspect it regularly to check whether the blades have gotten worn out over time. Car owners should likewise endeavor to replace the wiper blades yearly to avoid windshield damage and ensure the effectiveness of windshield wipers especially when driving during inclement weather.
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Choosing the correct cleaning materials also helps avoid windshield damage. Use a soft clean cloth when cleaning the windshield and at the same time avoid using abrasive objects to clean stubborn dirt that is stuck in the windscreen.

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