Why Rocks from Roads in Warren MI Near Detroit are Causing Broken Windshields

One of the common causes of broken windshields are rocks falling from overhead. When driving mountainside, a motorist should always err on the side of caution to avoid falling rocks.

Driving near mountains could send off rocks falling into the windshield.

Inclement weather can also cause rocks from falling into vehicles. For instance, rocks from roads in Warren, MI near Detroit are causing broken windshields. Apart from stones falling overhead, it is also possible to sustain a broken windshield from tailing a truck too closely. When a truck is driving through gravel or rough road on a reasonably high speed, it could throw off rocks into the vehicle behind it. For this reason, safe driving enthusiasts strongly encourage drivers not to tail truckers too closely when driving through such areas.

Another reason for rocks to fall on windshields is inclement weather. Driving during heavy rains and winds, snowfall, hailstorm or typhoon can lead to broken windshields. Winds can blow rock or other debris through the windscreen and cause it to break. 

What to Do When the Windshield Breaks

A driver must know what to do in case his windshield breaks. Autoglass usually do not collapse immediately as it will crack around first. Utilize the time to get out of the car, if it is safe to do so. If not then, the motorist should aim to get his car on the emergency shoulder safely. 

It is strongly advised to stop first to check on the other passengers and assess the damage of the car. Even if the windshield is made of laminated glass, the wind and possible weather-related elements can cause it to collapse. If a driver decides to drive with a heavily cracked or broken windshield, driving against heavy winds or sudden rains can cause the windscreen to collapse.

Once the car is on the safe portion of a road, the driver should then evaluate the extent of the damage. If the breakage appears only to be a small crack, then it may be safe to drive to a gas station or service center nearby. If there are windshield repair shops that are quite near, then it is best to bring the car right away to have it repaired. Accidents can occur anytime a windshield breaks hence immediate remediation is a must.

If however, the windscreen appears to be on the verge of collapse then the motorist should not attempt to drive it to the nearest service station or auto glass repair shop. Call for a towing service instead. Better yet, call up a mobile windshield repair service that could handle repairs and replacement on-site.

How to Avoid Rock Damage to the Windshield

Sustaining windshield damage because of flying rocks and debris can be avoidable. While accidents do happen, a disaster from falling rocks can somehow be averted by following some precautionary measures when driving. Here are some safety considerations motorists can take to avoid falling rocks that damage auto glass:

1. Avoid hillside or mountainside roads. If there are alternate routes to one’s destination, avoid driving on a highway next to a mountain or a hill. The chances of rocks or debris falling through the windshield are higher when driving mountainside.

2. Avoid rough roads. Unpaved roads, streets lined with gravel and rocks could send off stones hurling unto one’s windshield. If it is unavoidable to pass through such route, then it is best to slow down. Avoid tailing other vehicles too tightly as well when driving through such roads.

3. Do not tail dump trucks or large vehicles that carry construction equipment or debris. Large vans can send debris either from their load or the road, to fly off the windshield of the car behind them. While they may be held liable for the damage, the inconvenience and time lost to the repairs are irreplaceable.

4. If flying debris or a falling rock seems unavoidable already, then reduce the speed to minimize the impact of the fall. This move is better than switching to the other lane on high speed because there might be an incoming vehicle that one could collide with.

Choosing Windshield Repair Service

Choosing an expert windshield repair service helps assure that the repair or replacement made is done safely. For instance in Detroit, there are a lot of windshield repair companies but not all these companies have the expertise to carry out repair and replacement services. Some may not have the appropriate business licenses and permits. Some may lack the training needed to keep up with the latest trends and techniques in repairing auto glass.

Here are some factors to consider when hiring an auto glass company:

1. A reliable auto glass company has all the appropriate licenses, permits and certifications to carry out the services that they offer.

2. A good auto glass company have technicians that are trained and are continuously undergoing training. Technicians must be aware of the most modern techniques in repairing and replacing windshields and auto glass.

3. A trustworthy auto glass company provides honest cost estimates. There are no hidden costs in their quotations that will shock the client come billing time.

4. A good auto glass company puts the customer first. The client’s best interest will always be the priority of a good auto glass company. If the damage can be repaired, a good company will never recommend replacement to earn more. He will also consider the timeliness of the repair project and will deliver on his promised schedule to avoid wasting the time of the client. 

5. A reliable auto glass company offers innovative services that only put the client’s best interest forward. For instance, mobile auto glass service helps keep the clients safe by not having them drive their cars over in spite of the damaged windscreen. Some windshield companies also offer same day service for vehicles that are brought to their shops. By offering client-friendly services, windshield companies encourage car owners not to forgo crucial repairs on their damaged windshields. 

6. A proper windshield company offers warranty for their services. Such warranty offers their clients peace of mind as they could count upon the company to shoulder repairs within the period.

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