Dealing with a cracked windshield

Discovering a crack in the windshield is frustrating. Apart from being unsightly, it is an inconvenience and a safety hazard. Not all vehicle owners realize that the windshield is one of the primary safety features of any automobile. Apart from shielding the driver and his passengers from flying objects that could hit them during the rise, the windscreen helps support the car frame during a collision and turn turtle crash. Hence, when a windscreen is cracked, the safety of the car is markedly diminished. E&C Windshield Repair Detroit

Not all vehicle owners realize that the windshield is one of the primary safety features of any automobile

Auto glass experts say vehicle owners should know how to deal with a cracked windshield to ensure their safety and that of their passengers. They say, usually, motorists discover a crack while they are out and about and would still need to drive their cars home or to wherever they need to be despite the damage.
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Know the extent of the damage

A windshield crack may come in different sizes. For instance, there are minuscule cracks that emanate from what was once a whip. Then there are huge cracks due to an impact with a foreign object like a fallen tree branch or a ball. The bigger the crack, the more dangerous it is to drive.

The good news is, there are the mobile windshield repair and replacement companies that could provide service where the client deems it convenient. So whether it is in the parking lot of the customer’s workplace, or his own home, replacement or repair could be done safely and correctly right away.
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What to do upon discovering a windshield crack

Upon discovering a crack in the windshield, the vehicle owner should take time to assess the damage. He should take notes and photos of the damage for insurance claims, and take time to notify the provider. Autoglass experts say that if the crack does not go beyond the size of a dollar bill, is not within the driver’s line of sight, and is not situated near the frame then he could still drive the car home safely. If the crack is significantly huge, or is in the line of sight, or is near the frame, then it is best to call for mobile windshield repair services or have the car towed to a nearby auto glass repair shop. 

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