Advantages of auto glass tinting

Auto glass tinting can upgrade the look of any car in an instant. While a clean and clear auto glass works wonders for any type of vehicle, there are still several benefits that come with tinted car windows. For those considering having their car windows tinted, it is great to know that there are windshield companies that offer onsite or mobile windshield tinting services.

What to know before having the car windows tinted

One of the first things a vehicle owner should consider before fully deciding on a window tint is the local regulations concerning tinting auto glass. E&C Windshield Repair Detroit In California for instance, it is allowed to have the first four inches of the windshield tinted for sun protection. The tint has to be non-reflective. A 70% VLT meanwhile is allowed for the front side windows of the vehicle, regardless if it is a factory tint or a modification.

As for the rear windscreen and the back side window, California regulations allow any level of darkness as long as there are dual side mirrors installed in the rear window that has a tint.

Autoglass tint blocks harmful ultra-violet rays

For drivers that use their vehicles almost all day, it is essential to know that window tints block harmful UV rays from reaching the skin. Warren Location Since most tints can block up to 99% of UV rays, passengers and drivers are protected against early signs of aging and skin cancer.

Window tints help preserve vehicle upholstery

The interior of the vehicle stands to look at its best when the car is tinted. The shade provided by the auto glass tint helps preserve the leather car seats and the vinyl interiors of the vehicle from sun and heat damage.

Too much exposure to sun and heat can affect the color of both vinyl and leather and could even cause premature damage like warping. About us Since auto glass tint can help lower temperature inside the vehicle and block harsh sun rays, it can prolong the life of the car interiors including its leather coverings.

Tint film can help double the protection against shattering

The additional film in the car windows can help keep the car windows from shattering during a collision or accident. It holds the car window in place cushioning the harsh impact of an accident.

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