How to keep the windshield damage-free in the intense summer heat

Keep the windshield damage-free in the intense summer heat

Exposure to extreme temperatures is one of the ways windshields incur permanent damage. But with extreme heat alerts being issued across the country, it seems there is no escaping the scorching heat waves. And while people can cool off and stay in air-conditioned areas, vehicles, just like other structures remain outside and bear the impact of the brutal heat.

This leads most vehicle owners to ask about ways to keep their windshields damage-free whenever parked outside covered garages and parking areas. E&C Windshield Repair Website

Protecting the windshield from heat damage

The worse that could happen to a windshield exposed to severe heat is it cracking as soon as the vehicle owner cranks up the AC. Since glass expands under heat, and shrinks up when exposed to cool temperature, the tendency is for it to crack. E&C Windshield Repair Warren

The best way to protect the windshield from cracking due to intense heat is to try as hard to park it where it will be shielded from the direct heat of the sun. Parking under a huge tree or near a structure that has a shadow that can help shield the car from direct sun exposure can help in protecting the windshield from undue damage.

But if this is not possible, then using a covering can help prevent unnecessary windshield damage. These coverings can be placed outside the car, or inside of it. Reflectorized covering is best since it also diffuses the impact of intense heat in both the auto glass and the interior of the car. About the business

Be cautious when turning on the air conditioning

It is tempting to crank up the air conditioner as soon as returning to a car parked under the sun, but auto glass experts advise against it. Instead, windshield experts advise starting off the vehicle AC slow and leaving a bit of crack in the windows before turning on the AC. Start with the fan first, so as not to shock the glass with cold air. After a couple of minutes, move on to low cool, and then to medium cooling.  

Wash the windshield carefully

Refrain from washing the windshield under the heat of the sun. If possible, avoid washing it when it has been exposed to heat for a prolonged period. Dousing cold water on a hot auto glass can instantly cause cracking.  

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