Caring for a newly repaired windshield

Like any repaired part of a car, windshields need extra care upon the owner’s resumption of its use. Regardless of the reason why it got damaged, vehicle owners must try to gently utilize their newly repaired windscreen so that the repair could last for the long term.

This article aims to help vehicle owners keep their newly repaired auto glass in its best shape and at the same time avoid damage from recurring. Below are some windshield car care tips following a windscreen repair.

Let it rest

Vehicle owners should refrain from driving their vehicle immediately after the repair. They should at least rest the newly repaired windshield to give the damaged parts time to adhere to the rest of the windscreen. Since it takes time to repair glass, vehicle owners should give it at least an hour before driving it home.

For vehicle owners who do not have the time to wait for an hour before driving their vehicle, it is best to contract a mobile windshield repair service. This type of service enables any vehicle owner to have their damaged windshield repaired or replaced anywhere they want to. The auto glass technician will go to their preferred location at the client’s most convenient time to execute the repairs.

Drive with care

For the first few days after the repair, the vehicle owner should drive with care. Avoid driving too fast especially when driving through undulations, potholes, and the like. The vibration could cause damage to the newly-repaired auto glass. Moreover, avoid inclement weather for the first few days.

Close doors gently

Vehicle owners should close doors gently to avoid shaking and vibrating the newly repaired auto glass. Moreover, the vehicle owner should carefully close hoods, and car trunks to avoid shaking the glass as well.

Clean cautiously

Vehicle owners should avoid mechanical car washes because these could inadvertently damage the newly repaired windscreen. Homeowners should refrain from vigorously cleaning the windscreen for a couple of days following the repair to avoid causing any type of damage. If needed, the vehicle owner should endeavor to use a soft clean cloth to clean the dirty area and refrain from pressing on too hard into the damaged spot.

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