How the windshield can save your life

The windshield is a major safety contraption in any vehicle.

Not everyone who drives or rides a car realizes that the windshield is a major safety contraption that shields passengers from grave dangers during the whole ride. What most people think is that the windscreen just shields them from both minute and large objects that could fly through the car as it traverses roads and highways. It protects the driver’s eyes from dust and helps him see through what is ahead even during inclement weather.

While the above statements are all true, these are incomplete. Automobile safety experts say the windshield plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the driver and his passengers especially during the event of a collision. This article will discuss the many ways a windshield keeps teach and every passenger safe on the road.

The windshield helps hold up the upper frame of the car

The windshield plays a huge role in ensuring that the roof would not clamp down on the passengers once the car crashes or makes a turned turtle. By helping to hold up the upper frame of the car, the roof is less likely to cave in on the passengers, making it easier for them to leave the car, or for rescuers to easily extract them from the car.

The windshield helps the airbag deploy properly

The windshield drastically helps reduce the injuries of the driver, and the front seat passenger by helping the airbag deploy appropriately. By providing stability, the airbag can correctly and safely deploy when it is needed the most – during an active collision.

The windshield helps avoid passenger ejections

Sometimes when the impact or crash is way too hard and heavy, and some passengers are not wearing their seat belts it is highly possible that a passenger could get ejected from their seats. Without a windshield, the ejection could easily take place since there is no barrier from outside the car. However, since the auto glass is there to block an ejection, it would take a really strong impact to throw out a passenger outside the vehicle. But with a seatbelt, and a windscreen in excellent condition, passenger ejections during collisions are less likely to take place.

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