Easy ways to keep the windshield safe and clean

Windshield maintenance is essential in ensuring safety

Keeping the windshield clean and safe may seem like a simple task until one encounters auto glass issues. Minor scratches, deep scratches, cracks, chips, stubborn debris, and piled-up snow can instantly cause issues. Fortunately, most of these windshield problems are highly preventable with routine maintenance, and mindful use.

This article will discuss easy ways to keep the windshield well-maintained. Hopefully, this will help vehicle owners to avoid windshield problems that are inconvenient, and expensive to repair. E&C Windshield Repair Detroit

Periodic cleaning is a must

Regular cleaning of the windshield is important. While it is a chore to clean the whole car regularly, periodic spot cleaning of the windshield is crucial in keeping it clean and well-maintained. Vehicle owners should also take time to immediately remove dirt and dust debris, as well as animal poop, in case it lands on the windscreen. These types of dirt are hard to remove once they have clung to the windshield for some time.     

Regular windshield inspection

Vehicle owners should inspect their windshield closely regularly to check whether there are cracks or chips. Sometimes, the cracks or chips are small and unnoticeable unless one closely looks into them. And while it may seem unnoticeable, it does not mean that it is non-threatening. Cracks and chips could grow at a moment’s notice. E&C Warren

For instance, if a vehicle suddenly drives through a deep pothole, or if he slams a door, or if he goes through a mechanical carwash, what could be minimal damage could grow into a crack that is beyond repair. Yes, insurance could take care of the expenses, but the inconvenience and the time consumed by the repair could be avoided.

Use appropriate cleaning materials

Using the correct cleaning tools is crucial in ensuring a well-maintained windscreen. For instance, use only a soft cloth in cleaning the windscreen. Using abrasive cleaning tools like steel wool could cause irreversible damage like deep scratches that could even obscure the driver’s vision. About our Company

Likewise, when removing snow from the windshield, vehicle owners should also make sure that he only uses appropriate ice removal tools.

Keep the windshield wiper blades well-maintained

Replacing the windshield wiper blades regularly will help avoid windshield scratches. When wiper blades are damaged, they could easily damage the windscreen. This is especially true when it accidentally brushes the Autoglass without rain, water, or wiper fluid on the windshield. 

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