How to protect your car window and windshield from scratches

Here is how to protect your car window and windshield from scratches

Smooth and clear windows and windshields make any vehicle look clean, sleek, and new. Deep scratches though could tarnish that sleek and clean look, hence keeping the auto glass free from scratches is the best way to go.

There are several ways to keep the windshield from getting scratched. This article will round up some of the ways.

Make sure there is always enough wiper fluid

Accidentally using the windshield wipers without wiper fluids could damage the windscreen. It can result in deep scratches especially if the wiper blades are worn out already, or the windshield is dirty. Make it a habit to check the wiper fluid tank regularly. E&C Auto Glass Website

Replace wiper blades routinely

Worn-out wiper blades can instantaneously wreak havoc on any auto glass surface. Make sure that the wiper blades are in their best condition by keeping them clean all the time. Wipe it down each time the car is cleaned, and whenever it was used in muddy and soiled areas. Take the time and effort to replace the windshield every six months at least to ensure that the blades are not worn out and would not scratch the surface of the windscreen.

Refrain from using the wipers on a dry windshield

Do not let children play with the wipers by powering them on a dry windshield. Resist the temptation to do that as well when trying to get something off the windshield like a flyer, a bug, or whatever foreign object that is sticking in there, If needed, make sure to use wiper fluid before turning the wipers on. Warren E&C

Using the wipers on a dry windshield could result in scratches, that could permanently damage the surface of the windscreen.

Park wisely

Refrain from parking in areas where something might drop on the windshield. Likewise, parking in dark alleys also invites cats from climbing over the car, scratching the front and rear windshields in the process. When parking in such areas, make sure that the windshields have a protective covering. About our Company

Clean with care

Use soft and clean cloth whenever cleaning the windshield and car windows. Abrasive cloth may easily remove stubborn dirt that clings to the auto-glass but it does not guarantee that it will leave a scratch-free windshield or window. Likewise, do not use sharp and rough objects that are not meant to clean up windshields but are commonly used by other vehicle owners like steel wool and hard plastic cleaners.

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