Best cleaning tools and supplies for auto glass

The auto glass needs a fair share of loving care from the vehicle owner. Both the inside and the outside of the glass require extra care in cleaning to keep it clean and scratch-free. Using safe tools, equipment, and gentle cleaning supplies are key to keeping the auto glass in its prime condition.

Ordinary glass cleaners can work just as well as specialized glass cleaners.

Windshield experts also say that periodic cleaning also helps in keeping the auto glass in a top-notch condition. For instance, wiping it clean each time the vehicle traversed a muddy or dusty road could keep stubborn dirt from sticking into the windshield. Sometimes, removing such dirt could cause scratches since it sticks way too much into the glass, it takes effort and other tools to remove it. When left uncleaned, the mud could stick into the windscreen and cause damage.
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Soft and clean cloth

The best tool to clean a windshield is a soft, clean cloth. Never use dirty cloth even if it is soft, since the dirt that got stuck into the rag may damage the auto glass. Using a clean but rough cloth can also scratch the windshield, and so, car owners should be conscious enough to use a soft and clean cloth. This does not cost much one can even use old shirts that are made of cotton.
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Affordable glass cleaner

Ordinary glass cleaners can work just as well as specialized glass cleaners. What matters is the cleaning technique and the consistency of the car owner in cleaning his windscreen. Of course, using the right cloth like a cotton or microfiber rag also helps in ensuring a good clean.

Window wand or squeegee

For a smooth, shiny look some car owners swear by a windshield wand or car window squeegee. This can be very helpful as long as the squeegee is in good working condition, and the person cleaning the car is familiar with the correct way of using a squeegee. Best Place for Auto Glass Replacements in Highland Park Detroit

Make sure that the glass is cleaned from both the inside and the outside to remove smears and other marks that could end up leaving unsightly marks in the windshield. Avoid touching the windshield as well and make sure to dry up the windshield properly.

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