Highland Park in Detroit Mobile Windshield Repairs Up Due to Increase in Thefts

Breaking into cars is so vivid a description for a burglary. It draws up images of Autoglass being broken to steal things that are left inside the vehicle. In Highland Park in Detroit Mobile Windshield Repairs Up Due to Increase in Thefts. This means more broken windows, damaged rear windscreens, and the like for automobiles that were parked outside by unsuspecting car owners. 

Dealing with Damaged Auto Glass Due to Theft

So what should a car owner do once faced with a broken auto glass due to theft? Finding one’s car destroyed due to burglary, and discovering that one’s property is lost because of the incident can be traumatizing. Regardless of feeling shocked and helpless, it is crucial to deal with the situation to avoid further problems appropriately. 

  1. Assess the damage. Go around the vehicle and check the level of damage that is sustained. Is a window totally broken? Are other windows and windscreens cracked as well? Is there damage in other parts of the car? It will also help to check the property inside the vehicle that has been stolen.
  2. Document the damage that was incurred because of the burglary. Record the destruction that occurred. Take pictures of all possible angles as these will be needed in the report to the insurance provider and the police. Note all the damages and make a written document out of it, so that it will be easier to report to the authorities and the insurance company.
  3.  Get in touch with the police. File a police report, and show the authorities the photos and the documents about the theft. If possible, state the amount of the personal properties that have been stolen. For instance, there is a bag that contains cash and other valuables, including the amount of money in the report. 

Know the requirements when filing a police report. Some states are fine with just a report submitted through the local law enforcement agency’s official website, and others meanwhile require a personal filing and an interview. If in case the vehicle owner needs to report the theft personally, it is best not to use the damaged car. The car may contain crucial evidence that could lead to the resolution of the case and may need to be inspected by the authorities who will be assigned to investigate the matter.

  • File an insurance claim. Broken windshields and car windows will be taken cared of by the automobile insurance provider. They will need the police report number, some photographs, and a personal account of the damages that have been incurred. The auto insurance provider will not be liable for the lost property inside the vehicle. The claims for these may have to be processed through the homeowner’s insurance. 

The auto insurance provider will also provide a list of windshield repair companies that can be tapped for the repairs. Get this list so that the broken auto glass can be repaired or replaced immediately.

Once the car insurance provider has given the go signal for repairs, the vehicle owner should immediately get in touch with a certified windshield repair technician. When it is too dangerous to drive the car because of the broken windshield or auto glass, it will be best to seek mobile windshield repair and replacement services. In Detroit, there are windshield repair shops that offer this type of service wherein the owner can request that repairs are carried out in the location most convenient to him.

Because driving a broken windshield is dangerous, it is best to seek mobile repair services. Damaged, cracked, or partially destroyed car windows can be hazardous too. If the owner is not comfortable with having his window repaired outside the repair shop, then he can ask if there is a towing service that comes with the repair. The car can be towed from the location where the theft took place, and be brought to the shop for corresponding maintenance. Same day repair service is provided by some shops so ask about it.

Choosing a Mobile Windshield Repair Service in Detroit

When it comes to choosing a mobile windshield repair service in Detroit, it is vital to keep in mind factors to consider in picking the right repair shop. Usually, the insurance company has a list of accredited mobile windshield repair companies that could carry out the repair or replacement needed. If in case the vehicle owner’s chosen company is not on the list, ask the insurance provider if a cash settlement can be provided instead.

When paying out of pocket, it is best to be careful in choosing the right windshield repair provider. Deal only with those that have appropriate business licenses and permits. And work only with certified auto glass technicians. Do not go for the lowest rate offerings as this may be indicative of the quality of services that their shop provides.


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