Common Car Owner Mistakes in Windshield Care

Common Car Owner Mistakes in Windshield Care

Maintaining the car’s windshield is something that should come natural to every car owner. Any damage to it could have an impact on driving safety. This article aims to shed light on the most common mistakes car owners make in windshield care. By calling attention to these incorrect practices, car owners can hopefully avoid windshield damage.

Sticking with outdated and worn-out wipers

While keeping an okay-looking wiper seems practical, it is not actually a good idea. An outdated and worn-out wiper can cause windshield damage and will surely incur expenses. Instead of clearing the windshield of dirt, rain and mud, an old pair of wiper blades can cause deep scratches on the glass and affect driver’s vision. E&C Auto Glass Website

Cleaning with improper tools

Using tools that are not meant for cleaning glass could cause scratches. Stubborn dirt is difficult to remove but it is not a reason for any car owner to use steel wool or any sharp object that could damage the windscreen. The same goes with using dirty and rough rags. A very affordable clean and soft cloth like a microfiber or cotton towel can do a perfect job.  

Procrastinating to go to visit the professionals

Procrastinating is never good, and this can cause further damage. Though passing by the repair shop may seem like a wise choice to save up on money, it can worsen existing issues and make you pay a higher price. So, it’s always best to visit a professional for small scratches, chips, and cracks. Even the most minor windshield damage could worsen overnight with just a wrong turn, or a careless closing of car doors. Warren E&C

Refusing to clean regularly

Car owners should at least spot clean dirt in the windshield if they cannot afford to clean their cars on a bi-weekly basis. By removing mud, dust, and dirt right away, windshields remain cleaner and less prone to scratches. Also, subjecting the car to a mechanical car wash without inspecting the windshield could cause irreversible damage. Why? The mechanisms in at automated car wash could damage cracked and chipped windscreens, making the imperfection even bigger and more obvious. About our Company

DIY windshield repair

Doing a DIY windshield repair work upon noticing cracks or damages can further deteriorate an already damaged windshield. Hiring a professional is the best and only option when it comes to remediating damaged autoglass.

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